Provided Services

Design and Drawing Works

Aileron controls
3D model of aileron controls created in a CAD system

We can draft a design of both parts, subassemblies and whole aircraft manufactured not only from composites but also from metal or wood.

Powerplant installation
3D model of powerplant installation

From the beginning the part or whole aircraft can be drafted by means of 3D CAD system SolidWorks, which enables follow-up accurate manufacture of mock-up, moulds and production jigs. We are able to make complete 3D models of aircraft inclusive of most systems, e.g. controls or powerplant installation, with solving of mechanisms and their parts collisions.

Bulkheads assembly (click here to open larger picture)
Bulkheads assembly.
Drawing generated on basis of a 3D model
(click here to open larger picture)

The production documentation is then created with required grade on the strength of these 3D models.

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