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L159 Alca

Aero Vodochody a. s., Odolena Voda, Czech Republic

L159B Alca Aircraft Prototype

We co-operate with this company on a development and analysis of following parts of L159 Alca aircraft, which are supposed to be manufactured from fibre reinforced composites:

Emergency Ration Case

FEA model of the emergency ration case
FEA model of the emergency ration case

At he end of 2003 year we have finished a draft of layer stacking sequence and strength analysis of FRP the emergency ration case, which serves as a back rest of the pilot ejection seat.

This new design is in comparison with the original duralumin one anatomically shaped and also it shows weight savings.

Composite Patches

We have co-operated with the Czech Technical University of Prague on a draft of composite repair methodology for metal structures with fatigue damage.

Composite Aileron

Preliminary FEA ailleron model
Preliminary FEA ailleron model

First a preliminary strength study of composite aileron was finished in 2003.

An in-depth dimensioning and FE strength analysis followed in our company .

During 2005 there has been carried out strength tests of individual pars in the VZLÚ, a. s., Prague, Czech Republic, which has been crowned by a strength test of the whole aileron assembly.

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