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Avia BH-1

Marcel Sezemský, Prague, Czech Republic

Avia BH-1 replica

The Avia BH-1, replica of the aircraft originally manufactured in 1920, has been built by Mr. Marcel Sezemský in the ULL category under LAA CR. This aircraft successfully passed its virgin flight in 2000 year.

Technical data

There are compared individual versions of original aircraft and replica in the table below. It is remarkable that the version exp with the Austro-Dailmler engine would nicely fulfill today's weight limits of two-seat ultralight aircraft. Concerning to minimum airspeed, their original values have not been preserved though, nevertheless with respect to identical dimensions of the replica and its template, used materials and comparable weights it is possible to assume that also this parameter would be met.

Technical data
B.H.1 expB.H.1 bisReplica
Wing span [m]10,0810,0810,08
Length [m]5,865,675,86
Height [m]2,052,122,05
Wing area [m2]11,5011,5011,50
Empty weight [kg]285
(incl. oil and cooling water)
(incl. oil, safety harnesses and instruments)
MTOW [kg]405490450
Walter Mikron IIIA
four-stroke in-line
Cylinder count474
Power (measured)18,5 kW (25 hp)30-33 kW
(40-45 hp)
41 kW (55 hp)
Revolution max. [rpm]1400 2600
Max. airspeed [kph]  160
Max. airspeed in level flight [kph]121136140
Cruising speed [kph]100120110
Min. airspeed solo [kph]50 58
Min. airspeed at MTOW [kph]  63
Max. rate of climb solo 10 min to 2000 m7 min to 1000 m
18 min to 2000 m
3 mps
Max. rate of climb at MTOW 9 min do 1000 m1,7 mps
Max. ceiling [m]20003130
Verified ceiling 1600
Endurance [hours]3,5aprox. 22,5
Flying range [km]350min. 250 km with passenger270

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