Reference projects

List of finished projects

On this page we present only the projects, which have been brought to serial production or which are interesting by a specific way. For lucidity we have separated them into the following categories:

Ultralight (Microlight) Aircraft

In 1996 we have successfully coped with analyses and proof of strength of the whole-composite powered sailplane UFM-13 Lambáda as a first company in the Czech Republic and further projects have ensued.

General Aircraft

Following projects come under competence of the CAA CR.

Military Program

We co-operate with the Aero Vodochody, a. s. company on a development and analysis of parts manufactured from composite materials for a military aircraft L159 Alca. Here you can read some details.

Hydroplanes & Amphibian Aircraft

One of next our activities are also works calculations of hydroplanes and amphibian aeroplanes. We have finished works on following items

And project Seahawk / Seagle continues in its development.

Historical Aeroplanes (Replicas)

We participate also on projects of building replicas of various historical aeroplanes.

Here we carry out aerodynamic and strength analyses and we are attending also of certification processes in terms of technical aspect both under supervision of LAA CR and CAA CR.

Replica of the Avia BH-1 aircraft has been finished yet and following projects of Tatra 101, Zlín XII and Spitfire Mk.I are under development. The last one, Spitfire, is build for the Martin Kindernay's Flying Circus a famous group with about 15 flying replicas.

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